Domestic operations and customers

MuniFin is the second largest credit institution in Finland. We are the only lender focused on the financing and financial risk management of the municipal sector and non-profit housing companies. We have the most satisfied customers within the financial services sector in Finland.

MuniFin can grant financing to

Our service portfolio includes

  • financing solutions
    • loans
    • leasing for property and equipment management
  • risk management
  • analysis and reporting tools 
  • debt issuance

MuniFin offers its customers clear and easily understandable financing solutions. The foundation of our operations is openness and partnership in all situations. We strive to operate in an active, open and equitable manner, and to create added value to our customers and shareholders. With the help of our services, our customers receive financing and expert financial risk management cost-effectively.

A municipal financing system that is independent of banks has proven to be necessary and effective, even in challenging market conditions. MuniFin has been able to ensure that its customers' projects are implemented in a flexible manner in all circumstances, even during international financial crises.

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