MuniFin’s mission is to ensure the investments of municipalities and state-subsidised housing projects get competitive financing. Hence it is in our DNA to further social responsibility. We strive to be responsible in everything we do.

Social responsibility

MuniFin’s lending is used for socially responsible projects that aim to improve welfare services and quality of life. Our funding enables building hospitals, healthcare centers, schools, day care centers and homes for the elderly. That makes us one of the key elements in the economic structure of Finnish society.

We place special emphasis on ensuring that our processes and ways of working are responsibile and that they are continuously developed further. MuniFin is a member of FIBS, Finland's leading corporate responsibility network.

MuniFin supports the well-being of children and youth through varied sponsorship. The children of our staff members get grants for their sports hobbies. Additionally, each year we award a grant for a talented young person for achievements in the fields of sports or culture.

Environmental responsibility

MuniFin promotes the transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth in Finland. The company offers a margin discount for the financing of green projects: the greener the project, the bigger the discount. MuniFin's first Green Bond was issued in 2016.

MuniFin engages in sustainable practices. As a proof for shrinking the organisation’s ecological footprint and cutting sources of greenhouse gases, MuniFin is a certified Green Office. The Green Office certificate is audited by WWF.

We pay special attention to decreasing the use of paper and the amount of biowaste, replacing travel with online meetings and educating our staff about environmentally-friendly practices. Eco-efficiency is a key criterion in all purchases.

Employer responsibility

As an employer we pay special attention to the well-being of staff and prevention of health or workload issues. In comparison with other workplaces, MuniFin scores particularly highly when assessing team spirit in the workplace and pride in one's own work and that of the whole company.

According to a yearly survey by Corporate Spirit, MuniFin is one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces. MuniFin is also a member of Finnish network for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Supply chain responsibility

MuniFin makes smart purchases. We aim to minimize the environmental load of all purchases and use recycled and recyclable materials whenever they are available.

Responsibility in the market

Our lending portfolio offers investors investments targets that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The ESG score of our investments is higher than the comparison indexes.

MuniFin is a member of Finsif, Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum.

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