Communication principles

The objective of  the communication practices at Municipality Finance Plc (MuniFin) is to provide all market participants with sufficient and accurate information of the business operations of the company and any matter that may affect the value of the securities issued by it. MuniFin maintains a website on which up-to-date information of the company is provided.

In its external communication, MuniFin complies with the Securities Markets Act and the Limited Liability Companies Act, the instructions and regulations issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and other acts, statutes and regulatory decrees, which may be instrumental in the communication from time to time.

Bonds issued by MuniFin are listed in exchanges operating in London, Helsinki, Dublin and Zürich. Stock exchange releases issued by the company are published on its website, and, where necessary, through the stock exchanges in which bonds issued by the company are listed.

Under its obligation to disclose periodic information, MuniFin publishes annually a financial statement bulletin along with its annual report. MuniFin also publishes a half year report for the months of January to June.

MuniFin has chosen Finland to be the home member state for disclosure of information.

Due date for a shareholder to present their demand for a matter to be dealt by the General Meeting 31 January 2022
Financial statements4 February 2022
Annual report 3 March 2022
Annual General Meeting24 March 2022
Half year report 20205 August 2022

The closed period: Persons participating in the preparing of a year-end report and an interim financial report and persons discharging managerial responsibilities within an issuer are subject to a closed period of 30 days (where they cannot make transactions in connection to the company’s financial instruments) before the announcement of an interim financial report or a year-end report.