Projects receiving green financing


ProjectCustomerProject categoryWithdrawn amount

ESCO-project in Jyväskylä 

City of Jyväskylä Energy efficiency 1,358,531 €

Renovation of education center 

Salpaus Further Education Energy efficiency 2,000,000 €
Renewing street lighting

Municipality of Pielavesi

Energy efficiency117,454 €

Renewing street lighting in Rauhala 

City of Kotka Energy efficiency 494,414 €
West metro Matinkylä-Kivenlahti Länsimetro Oy 

Sustainable public transportation

25,000,000 €

Renovation of apartment building 

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä Sustainable buildings 3,500,000 €

School of Chydenius 

City of Kokkola Sustainable buildings 7,037,679 €

Day care center of Hammaslahti 

City of Joensuu Sustainable buildings 3,177,751 €
School of Heinävaara City of Joensuu 

Sustainable buildings

4,049,834 €

Day care center of Hukanhauta 

City of Joensuu Sustainable buildings 4,142,723 €

Apartment building with Nordic Ecolabel 

VAV Asunnot Oy Sustainable buildings 19,187,790 €

Day care center of Lehtomäki 

City of Kouvola Sustainable buildings 3,500,000 €

Wooden school of Mansikkala 

Municipality of Imatra Sustainable buildings 13,844,000 €

School of Rantakylä 

City of Joensuu Sustainable buildings 12,387,296 €

Day care center of Tikkala 

Municipality of Tohmajärvi Sustainable buildings 1,500,000 €

School of Jämsänkoski 

City of Jämsä Sustainable buildings 5,448,991 €

Bioenergy heating plant 

Kangasalan Lämpö Oy Renewable energy 

Solar energy facilities 

City of Jyväskylä Renewable energy 
Wastewater outlet Turun Seudun Puhdistamo Oy Water and wastewater management

15,000,000 €

Wastewater treatment plant Water treatment plant of the city of Heinola Water and wastewater management

8,000,000 €



ProjectCustomerProject categoryAmount

Construction of apartment building and townhouse

Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy (HASO)

Sustainable buildings 16,475,300 €

Construction of apartment buildings

Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka)

Sustainable buildings9,639,000 €

Construction of apartment building, townhouse and maintainance building

Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka)

Sustainable buildings14,212,000 €
Environmental school of Mahnala Municipality of Hämeenkyrö

Sustainable buildings

7,000,000 €

Fire station of Kalajoki 

City of KalajokiSustainable buildings3,000,000 €
Residential building for elderly and renovation of the central commercial kitchen Municipality of Pielavesi

Sustainable buildings

5,063,400 €
Community center of HirvensaloCity of TurkuSustainable buildings

20,000,000 €

Construction of apartment building 

Kiinteistö Oy Oulun Tarve

Sustainable buildings5,888,000 €

Construction of residential building 

Kiinteistö-KYS OySustainable buildings9,706,365 €
Construction of three residential buildings 

Lahden Asunnot Oy

Sustainable buildings

12,754,770 €

Building for elderly 

Lahden Asunnot OySustainable buildings8,327,937 € 

Eco-school of Laukaa 

Municipality of LaukaaSustainable buildings5,000,000 €

School of Leppävirta 

Municipality of LeppävirtaSustainable buildings10,000,000 €

School of Lievestuore 

Municipality of LaukaaSustainable buildings15,000,000 €

School of Linnukka 

Municipality of LiminkaSustainable buildings5,000,000 €
School campus of Parkano City of Parkano

Sustainable buildings

17,000,000 €

Renewing street lighting 

City of KotkaEnergy efficiency305,000 €
Improving energy efficiency of ten schools City of Tampere

Energy efficiency

2,000,000 €
Energy saving project 

City of Vantaa

Energy efficiency

1,550,000 €

Self-suffiency in energy, project of Lempäälä 

Lempäälän Energia OyRenewable energy9,700,000 €

Heating plant 

Lempäälän Energia OyRenewable energy5,200,000 €
West Metro extensionLänsimetro Oy

Sustainable public transportation

245,000,000 €
Tramline, city of Tampere Tampereen Raitiotie Oy

Sustainable public transportation

155,000,000 €

Electric car

City of Nurmes

Sustainable public transportation

34,700 €

Purification plant center, project of Kalajokilaakso

Vesikolmio Oy

Water and waste water management

15,000,000 €



ProjectCustomerProject categoryAmount

Street lightning renovation

City of KotkaEnergy efficiency400,000 €

West Metro extension 

Länsimetro OyPublic transportation220,000,000 €

Electric buses and charging infrastructure 

City of TurkuPublic transportation4,000,000 €

 Heinsuo school (PPP) 

Hollola municipalitySustainable buildings 20,302,520 €

Kalliola school (PPP) 

Hollola municipalitySustainable buildings 18,787,240 €

Nummi service centre (PPP) 

City of Hämeenlinna Sustainable buildings 26,000,000 €

Janakkala fire services station 

Municipality of JanakkalaSustainable buildings 6,126,000 €

Karhunmäki school 

City of Joensuu Sustainable buildings 11,000,000 €

Nepenmäki school 

City of Joensuu Sustainable buildings 25,000,000 €

Karttula school (PPP) 

Kuopion Koulutilat Ltd Sustainable buildings 12,190,000€
School campus of Vipusenkatu 

Salpaus municipal federation

Sustainable buildings 

8,000,000 €

Green timber school 

City of KuhmoSustainable buildings 12,000,000 €

Hyökännummi school and daycare centre (PPP) 

City of MäntsäläSustainable buildings 15,418,000 €

Riihenmäki school (PPP) 

City of MäntsäläSustainable buildings 14,284,000 €

Rantarousti school 

Tyrnävä municipalitySustainable buildings14,000,000 €

Metsä-Sairila wastewater treatment plant 

City of Mikkeli

Water and waste water treatment

20,000,000 €


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