Responsibility at MuniFin

Developing the Finnish welfare state was the purpose for the establishing of Municipality Finance in 1989. MuniFin is the only financial institution in Finland specialised in the financing of the municipal sector and non-profit housing sector.

MuniFin's decisions and actions need to be sustainable. That is in the interest of MuniFin, its customers, stakeholders, investors and the Finnish society. MuniFin is committed to support the UN Sustainable Developmet Goals in its everyday work.

MuniFin defined the key principles and goals of corporate responsibility for its operations in 2017. The concrete meaning of the principles in the practical work of everyone at MuniFin has been defined specifically for each department.

To its customers, MuniFin is a long-term partner whose work is manifested throughout the Finnish society. Responsible lending plays a key role in MuniFin's operations. MuniFin is therefore screening the overall financial situtation, the viability of investment targets and the risks related to them closely as part of its day-to-day work. The discussions and screening relating to risks also provide the customers with valuable support and insight.

MuniFin is a pioneer in the promotion of environmentally sustainable development in Finland. It is the first financial institution in Finland to offer green finance for environmentally friendly projects and it was the first Finnish issuer of green bonds. Green finance is in its own part driving municipalities to acchieve their climate targets. MuniFin is also a certified Green Office workplace.

Within its own organisation, MuniFin continuously develops good governance practices. MuniFin's Responsibility Policy covers all of MuniFin's operations.

MuniFin is committed to promoting the wellbeing and diversity of its personnel. MuniFin is a member of the corporate responsibility network FIBS and its Diversity Charter Finland, as well as a member of Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum (Finsif). The company also promotes the achievement of Finland's sustainable development goals through Commitment 2050 - Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development.

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