Green bonds

MuniFin started to offer green finance – loans and leasing – for the environmentally friendly projects of its customers in the beginning of 2016. Green finance is offered to selected projects that promote the transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth. These projects seek to mitigate or adapt to climate change.

All green projects are financed and located in Finland. In addition to marketing benefits and improved profiling advantage for its customers, MuniFin offers a margin discount for all green projects. The amount of discount is based on the project categorisation provided by Cicero in its Second Opinion (dark/medium green). The greener the project, the bigger the discount. 

Green finance projects are selected using MuniFin’s Green Framework and finally approved by the Green Evaluation Team, which consists of two or more members from environmental functions of MuniFin’s customers or other environmental public sector entities or organisations. Every project is analysed independently and only approved if there is a high likelihood of achieving long-term positive environmental effects.

MuniFin’s Green Framework divides projects into seven categories

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable public transportation
  • Waste management
  • Water and waste water management
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Environmental management incl. nature conservation

The majority of the eligible projects are long-term projects with maturities varying from 5 to 41 years.

The Second Opinion for MuniFin’s Green Framework has been provided by Cicero.

Green finance is funded by Green Bonds

Since the inaugural Green Bond issuance in 2016, MuniFin has issued two other Green Bond benchmarks. The latest one came in July 2019 when MuniFin issued EUR 500 million benchmark.

MuniFin aims to issue one benchmark sized Green Bond per year in EUR or USD. This represents approximately 15 per cent of the annual gross lending volume.

To provide investors with more detailed information about the financed projects and their impacts, MuniFin published Green Bond Impact reporting annually.

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