Financing for the builders of tomorrow

MuniFin offers social finance for projects that promote equality, communality, welfare, and regional vitality. Our social finance is funded by social bonds.

Since its founding, MuniFin has had a major role in financing municipalities and the social housing sector, both integral components of the Finnish welfare society. Since 2020, MuniFin has offered social finance for select projects that produce widespread social benefits and promote well-being in the Finnish society. MuniFin was the first financial institution to provide social finance in the Nordics, and among the first European financial institutions to issues social bonds.

Projects eligible for social finance fall into one of three categories: social housing, welfare, or education. Projects include schools and daycare centers, subsidized housing and communal housing for special groups, as well as facilities for healthcare and social welfare. All social finance projects promote equality, communality, welfare, and regional vitality.

– Social investments have a much more extensive impact than most people realise. A library or public swimming pool, for example, influence people’s overall wellbeing and the community in multiple ways, explains MuniFin’s Head of Customer Finance Aku Dunderfelt.

Watch the video to learn more about MuniFin’s social finance and the impact of social finance projects on local communities.

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