MuniFin plans to renew its operational model and organisation

MuniFin Group plans to renew its operational model and organisation. On the back of the past years’ strong growth, a need to develop the operational procedures of MuniFin has been identified and a preliminary plan for the renewal of the organisation and the operational model has been done. Changes target to further improve customer and employee experience, fluency in the procedures, as well as improving quality.

– A key target for the preliminary planned changes is a flexible operational model, which secures MuniFin Group’s customer-centric operational model also in the long term, describes MuniFin President and CEO Esa Kallio.

MuniFin commences cooperation negotiations with the personnel to discuss these plans. The cooperation negotiation process concerns the entire personnel of Municipality Finance Plc and its subsidiary Financial Advisory Services Inspira Ltd. The preliminary planned actions may result in job description changes and a termination of maximum 15 employments.

Additional information:

Esa Kallio, President and CEO
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