Green growth forum 14-15 September 2021: True impacts of sustainable investing

Green Growth Forum is a 2-day conference focusing on sustainable investing and measuring the effectiveness of public-private investment. MuniFin is a partner of the event. The conference will be a hybrid event that combines the best of virtual and in-person experiences.

Green Growth Forum aims to investigate the true impacts of sustainable investing. The conference brings together top investors, researchers, and peers in sustainable finance to introduce emerging sustainable trends and finance practices.

Speakers include Philipp Hildebrand, Vice Chairman of BlackRock, MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen and Tuomas Välimäki, Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland. The conference is chaired by Erkki Liikanen, Chair of Trustees of IFRS Foundation.

Antti Kontio, Head of Funding and Sustainability will be MuniFin’s speaker at the event. His presentation, “From local to international: growing importance of green and social bonds“, will be streamed online and available free of charge for our contacts. The invitations will be sent to our contacts during August.

Green Growth Forum

When: 14-15 September 2021

Where: The event will be organized both online and at Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland


Invitations to the stream of session three of the program, including our presentation, will be sent during August to all our investor newsletter subscribers.

The Conference will provide answers to the questions such as:

  • What are the main principles of sustainable investing, and what it’s role in advancing global sustainability?
  • How do nature and biodiversity work with financing?
  • How to fight climate change, and are emission restrictions and carbon taxes the key components? What do different financial instruments accomplish over time?
  • What is the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities?
  • Are there ways to standardize and make sustainable investing and financing comparable?

Read more and purchase your ticket on the event website.