For Investors

MuniFin funds its operations through international capital markets. During the past 20 years, we have established a strong presence in the main capital markets and built a reputation as one of the most flexible and investor driven borrowers.

MuniFin’s funding base is well diversified including regular issuances in core benchmark markets and a wide variety of both structured and plain vanilla private placements. We have also established a strong presence in the Japanese retail market.

Standardised debt programmes ensure broad-based demand among our investors and make us able to react quickly to investors’ demands.

Diversification of funding on various markets is one indication of MuniFin’s risk policies: all risk taking is minimised.

MuniFin’s financing is targeted solely to the Finnish public sector and government-subsidised housing sector. All funding is explicitly guaranteed by the Municipal Guarantee Board, rated Aa1 (Moody’s) and AA+ (Standard & Poor’s).

Credit ratings

Rating agencyLong term fundingShort term funding
Moody’sAa1 (stable)P-1
Standard & Poor’sAA+ (stable)A-1+