Green and social bonds

MuniFin is committed to building a better and more sustainable future with its customers. Sustainability is a key part of our strategy and operations. In 2020, we expanded our product offering by launching social finance alongside green finance, which we introduced in 2016. We source the funding for our green and social finance products by issuing green and social bonds. These bonds are an integral part of our funding strategy. Both green and social bonds have their own frameworks and project portfolios.

Promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been an important aspect of planning MuniFin’s sustainable finance product offering. As a public sector entity, MuniFin wishes to address the national challenges of sustainable development highlighted in Finland’s Voluntary National Review on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda, such as greenhouse gas emissions and the growing inequality and social exclusion.

MuniFin’s green and social products are also designed to promote the strategic themes of the Finnish Government Programme, which is based on sustainable development. One of these themes strives for a carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity. The theme includes the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in Finland by 2035. Another important strategic theme is to reach a fair, equal and inclusive Finland. The investments of the Finnish municipal and social housing sector – MuniFin’s customers – play a key role in advancing solutions designed to promote the achievement of the SDGs and the strategic goals of the Finnish Government Programme.

MuniFin’s green finance is offered to selected projects that promote the transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth. MuniFin’s social finance promotes investments that produce widespread social benefits and serve the needs of their users in an exemplary way. MuniFin’s social finance projects promote equality, communality, safety, welfare, or regional vitality.

MuniFin’s green and social bonds have separate frameworks, please find more information about both below:

Green bonds

Social bonds