Recent highlights in MuniFin's funding

ISIN code Amount Trade date Value date Maturity date Structure Coupon Dealer
XS1247878157 100 000 000 JPY 06/10/2015 07/01/2015 07/01/2020 5ync6m SA calls JPY/BRL linked dual currency PP IP 100 Coupon either 10,5% or 0,10% depending on the index Nomura
XS1247876888 100 000 000 JPY 06/10/2015 07/01/2015 07/01/2020 5ync3m QA calls JPY/BRL linked PRDC PP IP 100 First 3 months 4 % then complex formula Nomura
XS1246695883 150 000 000 JPY 06/09/2015 07/06/2015 07/06/2020 5ync6m SA calls JPY/BRL linked 6.30 % > digital Private placement IP 100 % First coupon 6.30 %, then 6.30 % or 0.10 % depending on JPY/BRL Nomura

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Municipality Finance Plc Interim Report H1 2015: Very strong beginning of the year for Municipality Finance
Municipality Finance defined a nationally significant credit institution
Moody’s affirmed Municipality Finance Plc’s Aaa rating; outlook negative
European Central Bank to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Municipality Finance Plc
Updated MTN Debt Programme and capital adequacy ratios of Municipality Finance Plc
MuniFin donated May 1st balloons for Jorvi Hospital's kid patients
Long-term funding from Australia
04/17/2015 - 15:24

Long-term funding from Australia

Municipality Finance Plc (MuniFin) increased the existing Kangaroo 2024 bond on April 17th by 75 million AUD. After this transaction the size of the bond is AUD 500 million. The original transaction was issued in March, 2014 with final maturity of 10 years and there has been three tap transactions before the most recent one.