Kalle Kinnunen appointed MuniFin’s first Sustainability Manager

MuniFin’s new Sustainability Manager is Kalle Kinnunen, aged 31. Kinnunen took up the newly established role as MuniFin’s first ever sustainability manager on 6 April 2021. Before this, Kinnunen worked as a financial sector consultant at PwC Finland.

In his new role, Kinnunen is in charge of establishing MuniFin’s ESG strategy and roadmap, creating best practices and integrating sustainability in all MuniFin operations.

“My job is to respond both internally and externally to the expectations of our customers, investors, supervisory authorities and other stakeholders and to react to new opportunities in the fast-changing field of sustainability”, says Kalle Kinnunen.

“Responsibility and sustainable development are top themes at the moment, and we’ll also continue to solidify their position as the bedrock of our strategy. Both the markets and regulation are undergoing massive changes, so we must put even more effort into staying up to speed. Because we aim to call ourselves pioneers also in the future, we have recently hired our new Sustainability Manager and established a new virtual sustainability team”, says Joakim Holmström, head of capital markets and sustainability at MuniFin.

Thanks to his participation in various development projects, Kinnunen is already familiar with MuniFin.

“Through our previous projects, Kalle has gained a solid overall view of our operations. His strong background in sustainability and development work will help him succeed in this new role, which cuts through our entire organisation”, Holmström notes.

Motivated by meaningful work and the chance to make an impact

The new Sustainability Manager is motivated by meaningful work.

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that the humankind must tackle. The financial sector and the municipal sector play a significant role in building a better future. My role at MuniFin offers me a chance to make as big a positive impact as possible”, explains Kinnunen.

Sustainability is already an integral part of MuniFin’s organisation and operations, and Kinnunen speaks highly of the company’s sustainable finance products.

“We already have great finance products and we are internationally recognised as a pioneer in issuing green and social bonds. As we speak, our customers across Finland are making socially and environmentally sustainable investments, which are partly enabled by our finance. But the field of sustainability is evolving at a dizzying speed, and it is my job to make sure that we not only keep up with the pace, but preferably lead the way”, Kinnunen says.

Kinnunen finds his new employer fascinating: in terms of personnel numbers, it is relatively small and agile, but in terms of balance sheet, MuniFin is the third largest credit institution in Finland, and one with great social significance.

“The influence I can exercise within the organisation is real, and my work involves collaboration at all levels of the organisation. I my opinion, establishing a Sustainability Manager role speaks volumes of MuniFin’s genuine ambitions in sustainable development.

The sporty Sustainability Manager recovers from work by exercising.

“In my free time, I like to challenge myself by practicing endurance sports: running, cycling and swimming”, says Kinnunen.

Kalle Kinnunen

  • Sustainability Manager since 6 April 2021
  • Motivated by meaningful work
  • Graduated as M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2015 and he is also a CFA charterholder
  • Lives in Vantaa
  • Hobbies include running, cycling and swimming

Photo by Aya Brace

Written by Jenni Heikkilä