MuniFin is searching for the Green Pioneer of the Year – Get to know the finalists!

MuniFin will select its "Green Pioneer of the Year" from among its customers in November. The finalists have shown an exceptional and long-term commitment to sustainable development.

In the “Green Pioneer of the Year” competition, MuniFin is searching for its most progressive customer in climate and environmental matters. The prize for the competition is €10,000, which the winner can use for their chosen sustainable development project.

The title was first awarded in 2019 to the city of Joensuu for its “comprehensive approach”. This year, the competition continues to emphasize a broad and long-term commitment to sustainable development. The finalists have set ambitious goals for their climate and environmental work and are exemplary in integrating them into their everyday activities. The “Green Pioneer of the Year” is chosen by MuniFin’s Green Evaluation Team.

The winner will be revealed on November 29th.

The finalists for the “Green Pioneer of the Year” 2023 competition are:

City of Kokkola

Kokkola joined the “HINKU” network of Finnish municipalities committed to ambitious emissions reductions in June 2022, but the city has been making environmentally wise choices for a long time. The city’s commitment to environmental issues and sustainable construction can be seen in the development of a new multipurpose building in Piispanmäki, which is being constructed with an exceptionally green approach. Success has required the city’s dedication, desire, and ability to steer the project in the desired direction.

Oulun Sivakka

For Oulun Sivakka, achieving an A-energy rating is not just a goal but a minimum standard. The new apartment buildings in Kaukovainio, owned by the city of Oulu’s rental housing corporation, are exceptionally energy efficient. This is thanks to an innovative heating solution that the company hopes to see in wider use across Europe.

Municipality of Pirkkala

“Five-star” Pirkkala is at the top of MuniFin’s ESG ranking, which tracks municipalities’ sustainability indicators. Pirkkala’s commitment to sustainability is long-term: the municipality has been monitoring the same indicators for the past six years, with two more to come. The energy efficient Pirkkala-kampus is an exceptional project, requiring careful planning to achieve low energy consumption and a reasonable carbon footprint.

Municipality of Siuntio

Siuntio has been part of the “HINKU” network from the beginning. Half of the coastal municipality’s shoreline is dedicated to recreational use or is part of the “METSO” program, which protects biodiversity in forests. The municipality’s commitment to sustainable development is evident in the Siuntion Sydän education and well-being campus, where versatile and adaptable spaces bring various services under one roof.


Y-Foundation is the largest nationally operating nonprofit housing provider in Finland. The foundation aims to enable its residents to transition to a carbon-neutral lifestyle and encourages sustainable lifestyle choices. The planned Elonkirjotalo is an excellent example of construction that promotes biodiversity and supports a low-carbon lifestyle. Nature is considered in the building’s design, land use, and rooftop utilization.